What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a type of stencil printing process.
Other than screen printing, stencils and mimeographs also belong to the same group.
Not to mention, JAM's "RETRO INSATSU" too.

How Screen Printing Works

Screen Printing, a type of “stencil printing” which prints by pushing ink through tiny holes

Screen printing is a very simple technique that uses a mesh screen, creating areas that either block out or allow ink to surpass.

Then, ink is forced through the tiny unblocked holes of this mesh with a squeegee.

The fun part of screen printing is that even with one screen, you can print on a variety of objects by simply changing the ink and materials to print on.

Printmaking Processes

Stencil Printing

On a mesh screen, holes are created from which ink is to be pressed through.
Examples include screen printing and stencils. It can print not only on paper but on a variety of materials.

Planographic Printing

Uses a flat surface treated with a special process. Images are transferred due to the repulsion of water and oil.
Currently the most common printing method (offset printing). Highly accurate prints can be achieved in large quantities in a short time.

Relief Printing

Ink is transferred from convex areas of the plate by applying pressure.
This results in an emboss on the paper. Examples include letterpress printing and stamps.

Intaglio Printing

Ink is filled in the concave areas of the plate and transferred to paper by applying pressure.
Because of its ability to print fine details, it is commonly used in the field of photography and fine art. Banknotes are made with this printing method.

Advantages of Screen Printing

Printable on a
variety of materials

One of the features of screen printing is that it is possible to print on various items by simply changing the ink and material.

The most common screen printed items are T-shirts and textiles, however with screen print, you can print not only on fabrics but on paper, wood, metal, plastic, and many other materials.

The more you print,
the better you get

Subtle differences such as the pressure, angle, speed when printing, thickness of the spacers, combination of the material and ink, and the hardness of the squeegee will affect the outcome of the print.

Although it looks easy, it is actually a profound process. The more you print, the better you get at it, which is one of the fun things about printing by hand.

Infinite expressions

The beauty of screen print is that you can print multiples, but depending on how you use it, it is also suitable for making one-of-a-kind items.

You can change the color of each print, or create a marble pattern by randomly placing ink on the screen. There are many expressions that can only be achieved when printing on your own.

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