Assemble and Disassemble

Tips on assembling and disassembling SURIMACCA.
Be nice and gentle to them.


Make two U-shapes and join

Make two U-shapes and put them together. Join tightly to avoid any gaps in between.

The last piece will not fit in if you connect parts one by one in a circular order. When assembling a large frame size, please do not force the last piece in between as this may cause damage due to load.

The joints may be stiff at the beginning of use. If you have to use a lot of force to assemble it, you can apply a small amount of silicone spray or oil to make it slippery and easier to assemble.


Loosen little by little

When disassembling, loosen both sides little by little and pull them away horizontally, so that the connecting joints do not break.

Carefully loosen the joints with a wiggly motion. If you force the joints to disassemble, you may put too much pressure on one side and the joint may snap off.

How to take off Spacers

Since there are individual differences in the parts, some may be difficult to remove. If it is difficult to take off by hand, use the sharp side of the roller.

Insert the pointed end diagonally and push the Spacers up using the principle of leverage, and it will come off easily.

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“Let’s Assemble SURIMACCA”

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