Prepare Artwork on Paper

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with programs. Let’s make artwork on paper!
Freehand work has its own charms.

Key Points

Prepare in grayscale

You need to prepare your artwork in grayscale for screen printing. Black areas will be turned into holes for the ink to pass through.

The difference in the opacity can be reproduced to a certain extent, but depending on the artwork, screen making and printing may not be successful. We recommend preparing your artwork with as little shading as possible. Use bold felt-tip pens for your artwork instead of pencils, as pale pencil lines are hard to reproduce with a screen.

Separate artwork into each color

When you print with more than two colors, you need to prepare an artwork for each color. Separate your final artwork into each color and turn it to grayscale.

[ Knockout ]
Leave the area to be overlayed white. If you don’t want an overlay to happen, leave the area white.

[ Overlay ]
Print with two (or more) colors on top of each other. SURIMACCA ink mixes where they overlay. You can use this effect to simulate more colors than you use.
*The final look varies depending on the color of inks and the order they are printed.

Use White Paper

Copier paper is recommended

Always draw on white paper. Copier paper works really well. If the paper is colored, the scan may not be clear.

Make a copy

There is a risk of damaging your artwork on paper while working or shipping, so please make a copy of the original work and keep the original work with you.
If you have no choice but to submit the original, please understand that we are not responsible for any stains or damage that may occur.
*We may have to decline your order.

Scale of Artwork

Prepare artwork on a actual scale

Please check the printable area of your desirable size screen and prepare your artwork on an actual scale.

You can scale your scanned artwork when making it into a screen, but the result might look fuzzy or too condensed depending on the file. We recommend making your artwork on an actual scale.

Screen Size Templates

Detailed Lines

The minimum is 0.35mm

We recommend using lines minimum of 0.35mm for Illustrator files. (about 1pt on programs)

Making screens with lines thinner than 0.35mm is possible, but the final prints may not be stable depending on how you pull and the material to print on. Knockout lines are harder to print and might disappear even if they are thicker than 0.35mm. We recommend using thicker lines for knockout.

Printed Sample “SURIMACCARD”

Watch Video

“Prepare Artwork on Paper”

Introducing SURIMACCA related contents in the videos. Here is how to prepare your artwork on Paper. Please take a look as your reference.

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Things to be Careful Of

We cannot accept orders including contents listed below.

  • We do not accept material that infringes or is considered to infringe on intellectual property rights such as copyrights.
  • We may refuse explicit depictions of genitalia, nudity of minors or sexual acts with minors, or manuscripts that are considered inappropriate from a socially accepted standpoint (bizarre or cruel depictions, defamation of real people or groups, etc.) even after the order has been placed.
  • In the event of infringement of rights (copyrights, trademarks, portrait rights, etc.) with a third party in relation to the design, the Ordering Person shall be responsible for resolving such issues at its own responsibility and expense.
  • The same applies to other works that the copyright holder does not permit secondary creation or that may violate the ordinances of each prefecture. Regulations on expressions are changing day by day, and we consider that it is not possible to set a uniform borderline.